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Hello Morningside Apartments

Thanks for the opportunity to provide a free estimate for lawn maintenance.  This page will guide you through the process of learning about our proposal and our company.  

The cost would be  $1,400 per monthFor your proposal (Click Here)


***Remember, we offer price matching; so please let us know if you would prefer

our services but we need to make any adjustments to match your financial needs. ***

Your property has a lot of room for improvement as the current contractor is not performing well; feel free to browse the analysis & findings.  There are some pics of the property's current status to show just a few things we could improve upon.  

We will set up a personal page for you (and the residents, if you choose).  It will contain records of all the visits; dates and services to be performed for upcoming visits and a way to submit requests.  This is done to alleviate the need for residents to ask you when the next service is scheduled, when we were there last, or any special requests.  Many property managers love this feature since they aren't bombarded with residents' questions. 

Click Here for a sample of what that page will look like.

Here is some additional information that may help you choose the right landscape contractor:


  • Paperless invoices via email (regular invoices through USPS available upon request)

  • Invoices are itemized so you know dates of service, and what services were performed for every visit

  • Invoices are sent out at the END of the month, after services are performed (we never require payments before doing the work).

  • We accept traditional payments or ONLINE PAYMENTS (we are PCI compliant for safe, secure transactions).


  • Uniformed, so you know who's on your property

  • Drug-free (pre-employment, annual, and random drug testing policies in place for ALL employees)

  • Background checked (pre-employment and annually, so you know you are always safe)

  • Trained commensurate to duty, and certified as needed (spray applicators, right of way certificates, etc.)

Unmatched Customer Service:

  • Itemized invoices so you know what was done

  • Constant communication including quarterly reports (in addition to continuous surveillance & monitoring)

  • Attention to details:

    • All window sills, patios, decks, cars are blown off (in addition to all hard surfaces) to remove dirt, dust, clippings, etc.

    • Special attention to remove stinging insects and nests around the buildings (free of charge)

  • All safety issues are IMMEDIATELY reported, including a solution for the issue.  ​​

  • Professional looking crew members and trucks/trailers to promote professionalism.

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