Titusville, FL

Hi Jeff:

Thanks for the opportunity to provide a free estimate for lawn maintenance.  This page will guide you through the process of learning about our proposal and our company.  The cost for your property would be  $69 per month.  See your proposal (Click Here).   Your turf is currently in good condition, feel free to browse the analysis & findings.

Here is some information that may help you choose the right landscape contractor:


  • Paperless invoices via email (regular invoices through USPS available upon request)

  • Invoices are itemized so you know dates of service, and what services were performed for every visit

  • Invoices are sent out at the END of the month, after services are performed (we never require payments before doing the work).

  • November and 1st half of December will be free; first invoice will be due Jan 15th and will only be for $34.50 (regular invoicing thereafter).

  • We accept ONLINE PAYMENTS (we are PCI compliant for safe, secure transactions).  Traditional payments also accepted.


  • Uniformed, so you know who's on your property

  • Drug-free (pre-employment, annual, and random drug testing policies in place for ALL employees)

  • Background checked (pre-employment and annually, so you know you are always safe)

  • Trained commensurate to duty, and certified as needed (spray applicators, right of way certificates, etc.)

Unmatched Customer Service:

  • Itemized invoices so you know what was done

  • Constant communication including quarterly reports (in addition to continuous surveillance & monitoring)

  • Attention to details:

    • special attention to not get debris in pools (will skim pool if debris accidentally gets into pool)​

    • All window sills, patios, decks, cars are blown off (in addition to all hard surfaces) to remove dirt, dust, clippings, etc.

    • Special attention to remove stinging insects and nests around the home (free of charge)

  • All safety issues are IMMEDIATELY reported, including a solution for the issue.  ​​

  • Professional looking crew members and trucks/trailers with barricades to promote professionalism and safety while parked on the street or working near the street.