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Choosing 365 Lawns allows you to provide a safe and beautiful outdoor environment for your members, visitors, and employees.  Whether you need services for a large, expansive campus or a small free-standing church or religious property, 365 Lawns has services just for you.

We understand the unique needs of your property such as ensuring for the safety of members, visitors, and employees; improving or maintaining your property's natural beauty; ensuring we are sensitive to your beliefs; ensuring our trained, uniformed staff doesn't partake in foul language, tobacco use, playing music that could be offensive or disruptive, or any other inappropriate behaviors.  

Our professional and uniformed staff can improve your church or religious property's safety and appearance through constant communication, proactive planning and regular C.A.R.E.S. visits.  Our custom-tailored plans offer creative ways to save your Church or Religious Property money while maximizing your property's beauty and safety.  

Deciding How (and How Often) to Communicate:

We understand your position is demanding and getting bombarded with information can sometimes be counterproductive.

During our consultation, we can discuss how you want us to contact you: email, text messaging, phone call, in person?  We also discuss how often you expect updates about your property: every day, every week, every month?  Every property (and every individual) is different so our custom-tailored lawn & landscape plan also includes a unique communication plan that surpasses your needs and expectations.

365 Lawns customers can log into the Client Portal to see past work, view upcoming/scheduled visits, submit an online request or message us about issues in the community.  If you prefer, you can even provide Portal access to any of your board or church members so that you're not answering unnecessary questions.

Management Meeting

Educating New Decision Makers:

We understand your Church or Religious property may have new Decision Makers throughout our business relationship.  This turnover can result in problems for other property maintenance providers.  However, we understand this issue and proactively plan for changes in your organization.

When there is change in your company's Decision Makers, we meet with them to communicate your organization's expectations of our company; listen to their personal expectations of our company; share our expectations; review the property's needs; go over the contract details; and ensure they feel comfortable and welcomed in their new role.  

It's All About the Details:

Many landscape maintenance contracts are standardized templates that include broad service descriptions.  365 Lawns believes your property is as unique as you are.  Our Custom-Tailored maintenance plan is designed with your Church or Religious property's unique needs in mind.

Before generating our plan, we spend a lot of time asking questions and evaluating the property; we even welcome input from your members.  If a property maintenance contractor provides you a contract a generic, broad terms, then that's what you'll get...a generic property maintenance provider.


Setting the Standard​:

You have high standards when it comes to preserving your Church's natural beauty, keeping your members, visitors, employees and vendors safe; and providing them with an environment aligned with your beliefs.  You deserve a firm that can fulfill its promises and provide you with a true, headache-free experience.

You deserve 365 Lawns & Property Maintenance

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